Loose components for DIY installation for behind the seat installation in current model DMAX:
1. AllSpark 12v 100ah Ultra slim LiFePO4 battery
2. Redarc BCDC Core 1240 DCDC charger - connect earth to shunt
3. Victron Smart shunt Bluetooth battery monitor
4. 60A circuit breaker in engine bay feeding BCDC red wire with 4B&S cable using 25-10 reducing link (inc labels) - earth to chassis via shunt
5. 60A circuit breaker under seat on output from BCDC brown wire - CB is bolted to insulated busbar (inc labels)
6. 20A circuit breaker under seat for feed to sockets bolted to insulated busbar (inc labels)
6a. 3 tab busbar to connect 60A & 20A CB's (allows for one spare tab for future expansion - see note below)
7. Cig socket + Dual 2.4A USB socket in 2 hole surface mount hosing - use 6mm twin and flag terminals
8. Solar anderson plug mounted in yellow trailer vision cover under tray at rear - use 8B&S cable (red wire connects to yellow on BCDC, black wire to shunt load side)
9. Ignition trigger wire (tap in fuse - Micro II) to connect to BCDC blue wire via 4mm blue single core cable
10. 4B&S cable (red from start battery to BCDC, black chassis earth to load side of shunt).  Busbar to battery and shunt to battery connections made with 4B&S cables
11. Mounting panel to mount BCDC, shunt, CB's

*** SPECIAL NOTE - The 3rd Circuit breaker in photo is not included - this space is for future expansion only and would required additional parts.  If the spare Tab on the busbar is not used, you must insulate the remaining tab with heat shrink or tape ***


Brand AllSpark
Unit Of Measure ea