This 2500 Watt Pro-Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter provides a genuine 2500 Watts of continuous power (battery capacity determines how long you can run for) and has a massive 5000 Watt startup peak/surge power. This allows for the running of multiple high power appliances to be run simultaneously.

The unit comes with a remote switching panel, with 5m cable to allow you to flush mount this control panel in any panel 3mm to 20mm thick. This means you can place your inverter out of sight (under a bed, in a cupboard, under a seat), and still easily turn the unit on and off when power is required. Comes with a protective box on rear of panel and mounting screws (template provided in manual). The switch panel also provides AC and DC voltages and displays any fault codes.

The slimline anodized aluminium housing (corrosion resistant) holds an intelligent high flow brushless fan and voltage/current protections. They also have an extremely low no load draw (0.8A idle power consumption when powered up and with no load ensures minimal battery consumption when the inverter is not in use ) and high conversion efficiency due to the integrated heat syncs so you can be sure that your inverter wont run your batteries down if left on, and will use your stored power efficiently with minimal power loss.

There are extensive protection systems for high and low voltage, over current, high temperature, short circuit and reverse polarity protections to prevent damage to the unit in case of incorrect use.

A 2500W pure sine wave inverter may sound to be a complex piece of off road equipment. However, the task it performs is relatively straightforward and it can make life much easier when living or travelling off-road. It allows you to use any device you will plug in at home but is powered by your batteries instead.

With dual digital displays showing battery voltage & AC voltage, as well as dual Australian sockets, this AllSpark inverter is a smart and user friendly design.

Custom cabling and circuit protection (fuses or circuit breakers) can also be provided upon request. Ask us about our AllSpark Circuit Breakers in 250 amp sizes and isolation switches

NB. Installation will require a fuse or circuit breaker between battery - see FAQ below, contact us for advice/options.

AllSpark Pure Sine Wave Inverters are manufactured to our high specifications. They come in four models 12v - 1000 Watt, 12v - 2000 Watt, 12v 2500 Watt Pro-Series and in 24v - 4000 Watt and 24v - 3000w Pro-series. All are designed to safely power your sensitive electrical equipment. This 2500 Watt Pro-Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter provides a genuine 2500 Watts of continuous power (battery capacity determines how long you can run for) and has a 5000 Watt startup peak/surge power.


Brand AllSpark
Shipping Weight 5.7000kg
Shipping Width 0.520m
Shipping Height 0.145m
Shipping Length 0.270m
Shipping Cubic 0.020358000m3
Unit Of Measure ea



Our AllSpark 2500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter will run continuously at 2500 watts unlike some cheap brands that claim they can, but struggle to provide half that output.

Any 240v devices that you can plug in at home will run on this Inverter.

• Coffee machine - generally around 1300-1600w
• Microwave - 800 - 1800w
• Kettle - 1800 to 2400w
• Toaster - 800w to as high as 2400w
• Laptops - most run between 60w and 180w
• Hair Dryer - 900-1800w
• Air conditioner - caravan AC's are generally around 1400-1700w
• Any other 240v devices - Anything you need that's under 2500w - drones, cameras, computers, IT equipment, cordless tool chargers etc.  


YES - The AllSpark 2500/5000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter will run at 2500w continuous output until the battery goes flat (with a 5000w as a startup wattage).

Microwaves have 2 key numbers to take into account - the watts of cooking power, eg. many caravan microwaves are 800W, and the total input power, which is the total power that the microwave consumes from your battery.

Whilst it may have 800W of cooking power, it still uses more power to spin the turn table, run the control panel, internal light and fan etc, which makes up the rest of the power consumption. So before sizing an inverter, you need to check the input power (not the cooking watts) which is more likely 1200w for a 800w cooking power model.

For many microwaves there is 30-50% more to get to the input power above the cooking power. You may need to check your manual or online for the full specifications of your microwave.  


Simple answer is - many won't on their own. A 2500 watt inverter is a very high power device for a 12v system. You need to have a very large battery bank (over 200ah of Lithium Iron Phosphate or 360ah of AGM). 2500 watts at 12v is 208 Amps but this unit can draw as much as 240-250A at low battery states of charge. It requires a minimum of 2/0 B&S cable with 250A circuit breaker or mega fuse under 1.5m long to avoid voltage drop. You will need a battery bank that can provide at least 250A of continuous output to power this inverter at the full 2500w. Most LiFePO4 batteries on the market need 2 or more batteries in parallel to provide this much power. Check out Our range of High Perfromance Lithium batteries. 

We recommend installing one of our AllSpark 250 Amp manual reset circuit breakers between the inverter and battery connections and a master battery isolation switch. 

Don't know how to hook it up? Need sizing advice or custom cabling? Drop us a line and Jas can help tailor a solution to suit your needs.

A minimum of 2/0 B&S cable (with a preferred maximum cable length of 1.5m to ensure voltage drop is kept within acceptable limits - longer cables must increase the gauge of cable to overcome voltage drop) should be used along with the installation of a 250A manual reset circuit breaker or mega fuse. 

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