Introducing the Offroad Living Lithium Package Deal: Redarc BCDCN1225 DC-DC Charger, Redarc Battery Sensor with Bluetooth, and Allspark 100Ah Lithium Battery with a whopping 175A constant output and an impressive 320A peak output. This all-in-one power solution is designed to elevate your energy game and keep you on the move with confidence.


Redarc BCDCN1225 DC-DC Charger: Charge your batteries efficiently and intelligently with the Redarc BCDCN1225 DC-DC Charger. This cutting-edge charger ensures a reliable power supply by optimizing the charging process, extending battery life, and adapting to various battery types. With advanced features like multi-stage charging and a maximum output of 25 amps, this charger is a powerhouse for your energy needs.

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Redarc Battery Sensor with Bluetooth: Stay in control of your power system at your fingertips! The Redarc Battery Sensor with Bluetooth allows you to monitor your battery's health and performance through a convenient smartphone app. Get real-time insights, set alerts, and ensure your power supply is always optimized for your journey.

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Allspark Ultra Compact  100Ah Lithium Battery: Unleash the power of lithium with the Allspark 100Ah Lithium Battery. This high-performance battery offers a constant output of 175A and a peak output of 320A, ensuring you have the energy you need when you need it. Lightweight, compact, and with a longer lifespan than traditional batteries, the Allspark Lithium Battery is your ticket to a reliable and efficient power source.

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Free Battery Tray and Strap: As a bonus, this package includes a free battery tray and strap, making installation a breeze. Securely mount your Allspark Lithium Battery with the included accessories, ensuring a safe and tidy setup for your power system.


Upgrade your power game with the Ultimate Power Package Deal – Redarc BCDCN1225 DC-DC Charger, Redarc Battery Sensor with Bluetooth, Allspark 100Ah Lithium Battery, and free battery tray and strap. It's time to take your energy independence to the next level and embark on your adventures with confidence.



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