The Victron Ekrano GX is the perfect smart power solution. Its 7" touch screen allows you to instantly monitor and manage your system performance. Features like VE.Direct, VE.Bus, VE.Can, USB & Ethernet ports mean you can always stay connected. With the Victron Ekrano GX, you're in complete control of your system.

The Ekrano GX represents the next generation in the GX product family. With its complete range of connections and interfaces as well as its integrated 7-inch touchscreen display, it is the most powerful GX device to date and allows you to always have perfect control over your system from wherever you are and to maximise its performance.

Simply access your system via the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, or access it directly, using the built-in touchscreen, a Multi-Functional Display (MFD) or our VictronConnect app thanks to its built-in WiFi Access Point. The Ekrano GX is also the successor to the Color Control GX.


SKU Ekrano
Brand Victron

Built-in 7-inch touchscreen display.

The seven-inch touchscreen display gives an instant overview of your system and allows you to adjust settings. The touch function can be disabled (or enabled) via a recessed button on the back to prevent unauthorised use. When mounted using the supplied steel bracket, the display is watertight from the outside.

Remote Console on VRM Monitor.

control and configure the Ekrano GX remotely, over the internet, just like if you were standing in front of the device, using the Remote Console. The same functionality is also available via local LAN network or via the built-in WiFi access point of the Ekrano GX.

Perfect monitoring & control.

Instantly monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from PV, generator, and mains, or check tank levels and temperature measurements. Easily control the shore power input current limit, (auto)start/stop generator(s) or change any setting to optimise the system. Follow up on alerts, perform diagnostic checks and resolve complications remotely.

Simple mounting and configuration.

The Ekrano GX installs easily via a cut-out for flush panel mounting and includes both a steel bracket and springs for blind hole mounting. All ports are easily accessible from the back. The power and relay terminal blocks can be screwed in place and the IO terminal block has a quick release clamp for easy access. The Bluetooth feature allows for quick connection and configuration via our VictronConnect app.

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