The new MEGA SWAGS are the Rolls Royce of the swag market (Registered Design)!

At first glance you might think there are others swags similar, but take a closer look! Here are the main differences:

  1. Non-symetrical three pole system

    Most three pole swags have the middle pole in the middle! Sounds logical right? The problem is these symetrical swags leave you little room to swing your legs in and out of the swag. Our pole system is split 62/38% meaning you have heaps of room to get in and out.
  2. Storage shelf

    Using our 62/38% split also allows us to building in a shelf over the foot end of this swag! This is great for putting your clothes on while you sleep. Carries up to 3kgs.
  3. High side walls

    Dome swags lose a lot of space due the the curvature of the dome poles. Our square poles mean that for a given footprint our MEGA SWAGS have heaps more internal space, so much so you can sit up in this swag and change your shirt!
  4. Built in awning

    The way we've designed the main entry door on this swag allows you to use it as a decent sized fly, and it's still easy to get in and out of the swag. The MEGA 1500 XL Double has an awning on each side as it is a double swag. 
  5. Stretcher ready

    When you design the cut of a swag you do so for camping on the ground. This means when you place your swag on a stretcher, the pole postions change a little and the canvas doesn't sit right. Our MEGA 1500 XL Double Swag is designed to sit on and attach to our 1.5 Double Stretcher (1500 wide) as well as on the ground, meaning the canvas sits right in both use cases. 

This swag comes with a 2 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The swag poles come with a 6 month warranty.

  • Dual entry on both sides of the swag
  • Internal zipped windows with fly screens on ends for climate control
  • Removable zipped mattress cover
  • Boot bag/Entrance mat sewn onto each side of the swag
  • Storm flaps to keep direct rain off the zips
  • Heavy Duty webbing and quick release buckles to bind swag when not in use
  • Large canvas awnings over flyscreens
  • Heavy duty peg down points (corners double layer hot sealed)


  • Breathable 13oz high density Waterproof canvas
  • Treated for UV and mould resistance
  • Heavy Duty PVC Tub type Base: 13.5 oz
  • Extra Fine Flyscreens which still allows air flow
  • 11mm Heavy Duty Alloy poles
  • 100mm Deluxe High Density Foam mattress
  • Extra Heavy Duty Zips
  • Comes with poles, pegs and ropes

Open Size

  • Length: 225 cms
  • Width: 150 cms
  • Maximum Height: 95 cms

Box Size

  • Length: 150 cms
  • Width: 32 cms
  • Height: 32 cms


SKU MEGA-1500-100
Brand Kulkyne Kampers
Shipping Weight 23.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.320m
Shipping Height 0.320m
Shipping Length 1.500m
Shipping Cubic 0.153600000m3
Unit Of Measure ea


Q: How much larger is the MEGA 1500 XL Double Swag compared to the Darche Dirty Dee 1400? A: The middle pole set on the Dirty Dee 1400 is about the same height as ours. The main difference is that the MEGA 1500 Double Swag has an equal size head end pole whereas the Dirty Dee tapers down towards the head end of the swag. As our swag is 10 cms longer and 10 cms wider than the Dirty Dee 1400. Q: Should I buy the XL King Single (1100) or XL Double (1500) MEGA Swag? A: This depends if the swag is for one or two people. The XL Double is 1500 mm wide, which makes it a huge swag but wide swags are harder to roll up on your own and we generally recommend them for two people. The reason why large guys buy double swags is generally for more room, but you should consider that the MEGA 1100 XL King Single still has a large footprint and that the high sides make this swag much more roomy that a dome 1100 wide swag. The MEGA 1100 XL King Single is a seriously large swag but is still easy to roll up and will take up less room in transport. All of these things need to be considered! Q: Should I buy the Deluxe or Standard Mattress? A: This depends on a few factors. If you're not over weight and sleeping on the ground, then the standard 70mm mattress is generally fine. If you're carrying a bit of weight and plan to use this swag on the ground, go for the 100mm Deluxe mattress as it will give you a much better nights sleep. If you're using the MEGA Swag on a stretcher then things change. The stretcher adds a layer of comfort so you don't need extra foam ike on the ground. Which mattress option you go for on a stretcher really depends on whether you like a firm feel or soft feel. The 70mm mattress is better if you like a firm mattress and the 100mm Deluxe if you like a softer mattress. Q: How much longer does this swag take to set up over one of your dome swags? A: You're setting up two poles instead of three so allow about 50% more time. However it's still a pretty quick set up as with our swags you don't need to feed poles through canvas, you just attach the clips! This makes all of our swags quick and easy to set up.

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