EPSolar is a world renowned manufacturer of solar controllers. The Tracer BP series use the advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging methods, enabling optimal system charging and discharging. These controllers support a variety of batteries, including sealed, gel, flooded and lithium, and come pre-terminated with AllSpark connectors (compatible with Anderson Plugs). 

How to set your ePever Tracer MPPT solar controller to a Lithium profile using a bluetooth eBox 

Users can set and forget, or opt to view and modify the working status and parameters through 2 optional accessories:

• eBox BLE-01 - connect via Bluetooth. For use with Android or Apple devices in conjunction with the EPEver Charge Controller APP (there are two APP options for sealed or LiFePO4 batteries on the Google Play store. Search for EPEver on Apple APP store). Ideal for those who prefer to view/change settings via their phone.

• MT50 Remote Meter (BP) - hard wired monitor allowing changes to settings and monitoring on screen. Ideal for those who prefer a permanent connection to monitor settings easily. 


Brand EP Ever
Shipping Weight 1.2870kg
Shipping Width 0.190m
Shipping Height 0.070m
Shipping Length 0.120m


EP Solar - iOS App IOS Apps

EP Solar - Android App Android

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