Our AllSpark LED strip lights have been designed for a wide range of applications & for many vehicles such as 4WD's, camper trailers, caravans, boats and more! Our LED strips have two colour options, White and Red (Black button for White LED, Red button for Red LED).

Red LED for unobtrusive light or to keep the midgies away. *Extensive real-world testing on other colours, eg. blue, green and orange, has found that red is the only light that does not attract Aussie bugs!*


  • Available in 30cm, 60cm & 90cm lengths
  • Perfect for Camp lighting - Red light keeps the bugs away
  • 1200mm cable length Red/black cores bare ends for soldering or DT plugs
  • 3M VHB double sided tape for easy stick on Installation 
  • Rigid black aluminium housing
  • IP-67 - waterproof for internal or external use
  • 6000K colour rating (white)
  • Black button for white led, Red button for red led
  • Owned & run by an Aussie Family
  • Manufactured for Australian conditions



SKU AS-LEDparent
Brand AllSpark
Length Power (White + Red) White (Lm) Red Wave Length (nm) Current Draw LED Type
300mm 7.2W (3.6W + 3.6W) 280 620-630 0.6A
Epistar 50505 SMD
600mm 14.4W (7.2W + 7.2W) 570 620-630 1.2A
(0.6A + 0.6A)
Epistar 50505 SMD
900mm 28.8W (14.4W + 14.4W) 1150 620-630 2.4A
(1.2A + 1.2A)
Epistar 50505 SMD