AllSpark Flexible Solar Panel - 180W (TW cells)

Panel consists of:

  • 39 x 3 row next generation high efficiency shingle cells
  • 1380 x 680 x 3mm Flexible Panel (plus PC backing and tape)
  • Black on black for great aesthetic appearance
  • ETFE laminate -  UV stable for 25 years
  • 90cm cables and MC4 Connectors
  • 3 stainless steel eyelets down each side - 6mm
  • 3 bypass diodes per panel
  • Fixed with poly carbonate twinwall backing sheet and 3M tape ready for installation
  • Each panel packed in bubble bag and colour printed white cardboard individual carton with honeycomb board. 5 cartons to each outer brown cardboard shipping carton


The AllSpark Solar Panel range has been designed and developed in Australia to the highest specifications and come with a
FIVE YEAR manufacturers warranty.

  1. The panels are made with premium quality A grade monocrystalline Shingle cells that have a minimum efficiency of 22.4%. This means that the panels are able to produce more power for their size compared to other glass panel brands.

  2. The AllSpark panels have excellent temperature tolerance, outperforming other glass panels in high temperature conditions.

  3. Fitted with Japanese made ETFE laminate - UV stable for 25 years

  4. Supplied with MC4 inline solar fuse - must be used for each panel 

AllSpark Solar Panel range are a high-quality, efficient, and durable option for those in need of solar power. With their impressive features and 5-year manufacturer's warranty, they are sure to provide reliable and long-lasting solar power for years to come.




Brand AllSpark
Shipping Weight 6.6500kg
Shipping Width 0.710m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 1.420m
Shipping Cubic 0.050410000m3
Size (mm LxWxD) 1380x680x15
Net Weight (kg) 5.2
Max. Power Voltage (V) 19
Max. Power Current (A) 9.47
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 22.3
Short Circuit Current (A) 10.04



Is the tape strong enough to not let go at speed?

Yes. 3M VHB (Very High Bond) Tape was used to bond 401,202kg (884,500 lbs) of steel panels to the stiffeners on the Walt Disney Concert Hall - it is not coming off.  We have personally used this method of installation ourselves on our truck and caravan, and have never had any customer have an issue with panels becoming unstuck.  

When adhering to the roof of the vehicle you need to be careful as, if you incorrectly install it, it will not come off - use care when mounting, multiple people/hands

How do I connect multiple panels together? 

You can connect up to three in parallel (positive to positive, negative to negative, which add together amps, but voltage stays the same). 

Do I need any fuse protection?

Every panel needs a 10amp inline solar fuse installed before it connects to another panel regardless of parallel or series connection. 

Can I use this as a portable panel?

Contrary to popular belief, flexible panels are not designed to be curved in circles and used as wobble boards, and not designed for portable use. Portable panels are exposed to surfaces that can rub on the ETFE laminate during storage/transport, due to large surface area they are more susceptible to being blown over in the wind and damaged.

Incorrect handling in a portable nature can lead to damaged cells and voiding of warranty.

Flexible panels are designed to be flexible for the purposes of conforming to the mounting surface and then be fixed in position, not flexed repeatedly.

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