The 4000W AllSpark Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a high quality, inverter for powering your sensitive 240V appliances, with 4000W of continuous power and a 8000W surge. It also comes with a 5000 watt overdrive function for shorter durations (up to 30 mins subject to ambient temperatures) of additional max power.


  • Provides a genuine 4000 Watts of continuous power and has an 8000 Watt startup peak/surge power.
  • Dual digital displays showing battery voltage & AC voltage & Dual Australian Sockets
  • Smart and user friendly design
  • Anodized aluminium housing holds twin intelligent brushless fans and voltage/current protections
  • Efficient power storing with minimal power loss
  • Optional Plug & Play Pop-up Power Outlet
  • Owned & run by an Aussie Family
  • Manufactured for Australian conditions




The AllSpark 4000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter provides a genuine 4000 Watts of continuous power and has an 8000 Watt startup peak/surge power.


The max output overdrive function of 5000 watts allowing you to run combined larger loads for shorter durations (up to about 30 mins), depending on the ambient temperature. i.e. on a cold night you can run 5000 Watts continuously to boil the kettle and run the microwave and coffee machine all at once, but on a 45 deg day, it will run at 5000 Watts for about 30 mins or until the high temperature protection mode kicks in. Gives you that little bit more when you really need it.

With dual digital displays showing battery voltage & AC voltage along with line terminals for hard wired AC installation (via RCD and circuit breaker), as well as dual Australian sockets, this AllSpark Inverter is a smart and user friendly design. Hard wired connections must be completed by a licenced electrician to Australian wiring standards.

The unit comes with a remote switching panel, with 5m cable and power status indicator to allow you to flush mount this control panel in any panel 3mm to 20mm thick. This means you can place your inverter out of sight (under a bed, in a cupboard, under a seat), and still easily turn the unit on and off when power is required. Template provided in manual.

The anodized aluminium housing holds twin intelligent brushless fans and voltage/current protections. They also have an extremely low no load draw and high conversion efficiency of over 90% - so you can be sure that your inverter won't run your batteries down if left on, and will use your stored power efficiently with minimal power loss. . 


Brand AllSpark
Shipping Weight 6.5500kg
Shipping Width 0.545m
Shipping Height 0.220m
Shipping Length 0.270m
Shipping Cubic 0.032373000m3
MODEL ALLSPARK 24V 4000/8000 Pro-Series Inverter
Input Voltage 24V
Input Voltage Range 19.2 - 30V
Idle Current 0.6A
Efficiency >90%
Input Connector Red and Black DC Input Terminals (M6)
Output Voltage 230V Australian Standard
Continuous Power 4000W
Surge Power 8000W
Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Receptacle 2 x Australian Standard 10A AC Sockets
Terminal Block Connections Terminals For Hardwired Connections Up To 2.5mm²
DC Under Voltage Protection 20 +/- 0.5VDC
DC Over Voltage Protection 20 +/- 0.5VDC
Overload CPU Controlled Auto Shut Down
DC Reverse Polarity Protection Fuse Protection
Short Circuit CPU Controlled Auto Shut Down
Over Heat CPU Controlled Auto Shut Down
Audible Alarm Input DC under/Over Voltage, Fault, Over Current, Over Temp.
Cooling Twin Intelligently Controlled Brushless Cooling Fans
Indicator LED Power Status Indicator Green (or Blue) LED Glow If Device Is Working Correctly, Red LED Glow If There Is A Fault Or Device Has Entered Into Protection Mode
LCD Panel Displays DC Input & AC Output Voltages Along With Error Codes
Remote Switch Panel LED On/Off Indicator + On/Off Switch
Case High-Quality Anodized Aluminium (Black)
Dimensions (mm) 510L x 180W x 142H
Weight (kg) 6.7 Incl. Remote



What size cabling & circuit protection do I need?

We recommend using 0B&S cable (49mm²) and a 200 amp circuit breaker/fuse with our AllSpark 4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter


What will it run?

Our AllSpark 4000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter will run continuously at 4000 Watts unlike some cheap brands that claim they can, but struggle to provide half that output.

Any 240v device that you can plug in at home will run on this Inverter and up to a combined 4000 Watts you can run multiple devices at the same time.

  • Coffee machine - generally around 1300-1600w
  • Microwave - 800 - 1800w
  •  Kettle - 1800 to 2400w
  • Toaster - 800w to as high as 2400w
  • Laptops - most run between 60w and 180w
  • Hair Dryer - 900-1800w
  • Air conditioner - caravan AC's are generally around 1400-1600w
  • Any other 240v devices - Anything you need that's under 4000w total - drones, cameras, computers, IT equipment, cordless tool chargers etc. 


Will this run my microwave?

YES! All makes and models - The AllSpark 4000/8000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter will run at 4000w continuous output until the battery goes flat and 8000w as a startup wattage.

Microwaves have 2 key numbers to take into account - the watts of cooking power, eg. many caravan microwaves are 800W, and the total input power, which is the total power that the microwave consumes from your battery.

Whilst it may have 800W of cooking power, it still uses more power to spin the turn table, run the control panel, internal light and fan etc, which makes up the rest of the power consumption. So before sizing an inverter, you need to check the input power (not the cooking watts) which is more likely 1200w for a 800w cooking power model.

For many microwaves there is 30-50% more to get to the input power above the cooking power. You may need to check your manual or online for the full specifications of your microwave.  


Will my existing battery power this Inverter?

Simple answer is - some but not all.

A 4000 watt inverter is a very high power device even for a 24v system. It requires carefully size battery banks to provide the necessary output current to power this inverter.  Please speak to us if you need advice on battery sizing or capacities.

4000 watts at 24v is 166 Amps. It requires a minimum of 0 B&S cable (50mm2) with a 200 Amp circuit breaker or mega fuse under 2.5m long or 2/0 B&S cables if over 2.5m (with a 200A circuit breaker) in length to avoid voltage drop.

A single AllSpark LiFePO4 24 volt 120ah battery will power this inverter by itself. Most LiFePO4 batteries on the market will need 2 or more batteries in parallel to provide this much power. Premium AGM batteries like Fullriver 120ah will provide sufficient power when multiple batteries are connected in series for 24v, but cheaper AGM batteries will struggle to provide sufficient power and will suffer from Voltage sag and may initiate the low voltage protection mode of the inverter. In this case, you need 2 batteries in series and then sets in parallel or a single AllSpark LiFePO4.

Ultimately though, the amount of storage you need comes down to how long you want to run your devices for.

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